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Water testing and water quality analysis is a key component in maintaining safe water systems. While a number of water hygiene services are needed to clean and disinfect water, your compliance with appropriate legislation can only be verified through testing, analysis and comparison of water samples.

At ARA Environmental Water Quality Testing and Analysis are a key aspect of the water treatment services we offer and we ensure all tests have accurate results and are completed to the highest standard. These standards are defined by the relevant regulatory body in each field, notably the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and the Environment Agency (EA).

In order to achieve full compliance, HSE ACoP L8 stipulates that water testing and water quality analysis must be carried out by a competent person; at ARA Environmental, all of our water quality analysis is carried out by experts at certified UKAS Laboratories, offering peace of mind and ensuring full traceability.

Water Testing Services We Offer

Drinking Water

Analytical Services

Water Chemistry

In accordance with the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), we offer drinking water analysis for private, commercial and industrial premises. This involves testing for a very wide range of biological, organic and physical chemistry properties with follow up on any required actions. 

Our advanced water analysis facilities are able to test:

✓  pH Levels
✓  Total Viable Counts (TVCs), Coliform and  ✓  E.coli bacteria 
✓  Metals such as iron, copper, lead, zinc and aluminium
✓  Other contaminants including nitrate, sulphate, chloride and fluoride

Our microbiological testing services enable the control of Legionella and other bacteria, yeasts and moulds that are found in water systems. We can offer this service to clients across all industries and sectors, but particularly those responsible for cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

Our complete services test for;

✓ Legionella bacteria
✓ Coliforms
✓ E.coli
✓ Total Viable Counts (TVCs)
✓ Ammoniacal nitrogen
✓ Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)
✓ Hydrocarbons
✓ Fats and Greases
✓ Glycols

Our analytical services also cover diverse applications such as determining the source of leaks and compliance with discharge consents. Determination of a system’s physical chemistry allows;

✓  Accurate dosing of corrosion and scale inhibitors in heating systems and chilling systems.

✓  Real-time, automated testing, dosing and control of water quality in cooling towers and swimming pools. 

✓  Investigation and identification of sources of contamination in a range of diverse environments including manufacturing processes, lakes and man-made water systems.

Why Choose ARA Environmental?

✓ Compliance Guaranteed – Our water quality analysis and suite of water hygiene services are designed to provide our clients with full compliance to relevant HSE, DWI and EA requirements.

✓ Comprehensive Reporting – Our skilled team of water hygiene technicians provide comprehensive interpretation and reporting of water quality analyses, in an easy to digest format.

✓ Drinking Water Directorate Compliant – All of our water quality testing and analysis is carried out to the requirements described by the DWI.

✓ UKAS Labs – Our quality assured water quality analyses are carried out by experts at UKAS accredited laboratories.

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The frequency at which responsible persons must test drinking water varies greatly depending on the setting and water system in question. For example, healthcare settings and hospitals should carry out drinking water analysis every six months, while private water supplies only require testing once a year.

Poor quality tap water can have a number of physical signs including low water pressure, cloudy water, water with particles, odour in water and water that leaves a brownish stain behind. However, for more serious water issues such as pesticides and Legionella, there are no physical symptoms meaning they are more difficult to identify.

Wastewater needs to be both tested and treated as it can pollute surface water such as rivers and lakes, along with the groundwater below them. Furthermore, these test results will show any hazardous materials than can be harmful to human health.