Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella is the bacteria responsible for legionnaires disease, an uncommon but potentially fatal lung infection. Legionnaires disease is contracted through exposure to and inhalation of tiny water droplets and vapour from water systems containing high levels of the legionella bacteria. The bacteria thrives in warm and hot water, however, in warmer climates, even cold water systems may reach temperatures sufficient for legionella to grow.

As certified members of the Legionella Control Association (LCA) for over 17 years, ARA Environmental are regional experts in legionella risk assessments and legionellosis management.

Fully Accredited Legionella risk assessment service provider

Legionella control, based on a Legionella risk assessment, is the key aspect of the ‘Responsible Persons’ duties regarding the supply of wholesome water and full HSE Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8) and BS8580-1:2019 compliance.

At ARA Environmental we specialise in delivering comprehensive legionella risk assessments to a range of clients in both industrial and commercial settings, as well as schools and hospitals, landlords and letting agents.

As members of the Legionella Control Association (LCA) for over 17 years, our wealth of experience and depth of knowledge has brought us to the forefront of legionellosis management in the South East, offering a comprehensive suite of water hygiene services including both classroom-based and online training courses.

Why Choose ARA?

  • Full compliance guaranteed - Our Legionella risk assessments are completed in strict compliance with ACoP L8 and BS8580-1:2019
  • Comprehensive reporting - Our reports are designed to provide you with the information you need in a format thats precise and easy to understand.
  • Accredited by LCA - Our work is fully accredited by the Legionella Control Association. We abide by nine strict service provider commitments, which assure the quality of our work.
  • UKAS Labs - All of our water analysis is conducted at UKAS accredited laboratories. You can rely on our analytical services to be accurate and prompt.
  • 20 years experience - We have been providing legionella risk assessments and water hygiene services to London and the South East for over 20 year; our team of specialist assessors are vastly experienced, professional and fully qualified in their respective fields.
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Who Needs Legionella Risk Assessments?​

Business owners, employers, landlords and persons in control of premises are responsible for managing the risk of legionella within water systems and water storage tanks. According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the aforementioned individuals must:

  • Identify and assess sources of risk
  • Manage any risks
  • Prevent or control any risks
  • Keep and maintain the correct records
  • Carry out any other duties required.

All water systems should be monitored for legionella bacteria, however, particular attention should be paid to:

  • Hot and cold water systems  
  • Air conditioning systems and evaporative condensers 
  • Hot tubs, jacuzzis and spa pools 
  • Showers 
  • Fountains 
  • Sprinklers and car wash stations.

At ARA Environmental, our comprehensive legionella risk assessments include:

  • A thorough and careful inspection of the site 
  • Water temperatures analysis from various locations within the premises 
  • Review of all site assets eg. water systems, pipework and identification of risks 
  • Review of pipework configurations and water sources and identification of risks 
  • Detailed scheme of legionella control actions 
  • WRAS compliance check 
  • Site assets and associated risks are photographed

A Legionella risk assessment is only the first step in preventing legionnaires disease and achieving full ACoP L8 compliance. In addition to the initial assessment, further action is required to achieve compliance. Full AcoP L8 compliance is achieved through provision of additional water hygiene services.  

As members of the LCA, ARA Environmental offers a comprehensive package of measures designed to ensure the duties of the ‘responsible persons’ are fulfilled, and any risk of a legionnaires disease outbreak is managed through the appropriate legionella control measures. 

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning & chlorination 
  • Legionellosis management
  • Bacterial sampling & analysis at UKAS Laboratories
  • Water systems monitoring
  • Pool monitoring
  • Chemical supply
  • Test equipment supply
  • Site log book supply
  • Infrastructure refurbishment
  • Legionnaires’ disease training
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How Often Do I Need A Legionella Risk Assessment?

According to new ACoP L8 regulations, a legionnaire’s testing certificate must be a ‘live document’ which is regularly reviewed, updated and maintained. At minimum, a legionella risk assessment should be reviewed every 2 years. It should also be reviewed any time there is a significant change made to your water systems.

Legionella Risk Assessments for Landlords and Letting Agents

Health and safety legislation does not require landlords to perform legionella water quality analysis at residential properties, however, it is a legal requirement that the landlord or letting agent in charge of the domestic property ensure any risk of exposure to legionella is properly mitigated and managed.

Under UK law, landlords and letting agents of single dwellings are permitted to carry out legionella risk assessments themselves, as long as they have the appropriate training and required knowledge to do so.

Legionella training is an essential and mandatory component of any legionella risk management programme. Here at ARA Environmental, we offer bespoke water hygiene training packages to business, landlords, individuals and ‘responsible persons’.

Our legionella risk course provides our customers detailed information on the subject of legionella, the control of legionella bacteria and its causes, including current and up-to-date legislative requirements. Delegates will:

  • Develop a knowledge of how to meet the risk assessment requirements of the Fourth Edition Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8) and associated Technical Guidance Document HSG 274 Part 2.
  • Study BS 8580-1:2019 Water Quality – Risk Assessments for Legionella Control – Code of Practice.
  • Understand the procedure to follow throughout the risk assessment.
  • Learn how to create and develop risk assessment templates

In order to remain compliant with legislation, we recommend that legionella risk training is renewed every two years.

Other Legionella Services

In addition to legionella risk assessments, we also offer a varied range of legionella control and management services, including:

  • Legionella Control Services
  • Water tank cleaning & disinfection
  • Water Quality Analysis 
  • Cooling tower maintenance 
  • Legionella training
  • Water hygiene Training

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