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"I just wanted to express how happy I am with the service that we have received from your staff. They have been so courteous and accommodating and this has been mentioned by all of my team. Please could you pass on my personal thanks to them."

Sheena B – Office Manager, Major Training Centre in Kent

"Working in partnership with Ara for many years, provides me with confidence that we are compliant with L8 as they cover all relevant aspects of the ACoP. I have found them informative, ever cooperative, super flexible and swift in their responses and would add that they are one of our top performing contractors. We will be working with them on air sampling as well as water management to provide another service back to our learners and staff."

Craig N, Estates Manager at a Kent College and chair of KAFEC Estates Managers Network

"The training was excellent and already used to improve our service."

Alex B – Pest Control Company, Sitingbourne

"We have worked with ARA Environmental for over a decade. They write the ACOP L8 risk assessments, carry out the monthly temperature monitoring and various associated work including tank cleansing. The directors have always been available to offer advice and answer queries of a technical nature. The staff are personable and reliable. We are routinely required to go to three quotes and ARA have always been competitive."

Mike L, Safety and Compliance Manager at a private school in the West Kent area.

"The service they provide is second to none and added to their speed of response provides us with a cost effective and compliant service. They are an integral part of my team and I would highly recommend them."

Andrew D, Estates and Facilities Director, Charitable Trust, East Kent.

"Thanks for another year of excellent service."

Mike F Facilities Manager, Specialist Independent School

"Always available for informal attention and guidance. I am confident that I can contact Ara Environmental for free and impartial advice."

Charles S, Contracts Manager, Facilities Management Company South East England

"Ara Environmental always deliver a prompt, friendly service and have been extremely professional in managing our water treatment requirements. Their staff are always available to resolve any query quickly and are very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for any water management needs."

Ben H, Health and Safety Manager, Manufacturing Company, Rochester

"Ara Environmental has been our Legionella Control contractor since 2011, they have provided us with an extremely professional service, their attention to detail and communications has been first class, it's a pleasure to work with them and I would certainly recommend them to others."

Dale H, Engineering Manager, Major Logistics Authority in Kent

"Major refurbishment work was well planned, executed on time and on budget. Consumate professionals."

Bruce M, Facilities Manager, Academy North Kent

Specialist Legionella Risk Assessments Maidstone 

Looking for legionella risk assessments in Maidstone? ARA Environmental are local experts in water hygiene, legionella control and legionella risk assessments. We have over 20 years industry experience serving landlords, employers and business owners in the Maidstone area.

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Landlord Legionella Risk Assessments in Maidstone 

Commercial landlords are required by law to ensure that all tenants are protected from the health risks associated with legionella bacteria. Legionella is a pathogenic bacteria that causes the potentially deadly legionnaires’ disease and other pneumonia-like illnesses such as Pontiac fever and Lochgoilhead Fever.  

Legionella occurs naturally, in low numbers, in rivers, lakes and reservoirs; although does not usually pose a risk to health in such low quantities. The bacteria is also found in purpose-built water systems such as cooling towers, air conditioning systems, evaporative condensers, spa pools and hot tubs, as well as hot and cold water systems. 

Legionella thrives in temperatures between 20-45°C, and reaches optimum growth at 37°C. The bacteria becomes dormant in temperatures below 20°C and cannot survive temperatures exceeding 60°C.   

Anyone can develop legionnaires’ disease, however the elderly are most at risk, along with smokers, alcoholics, cancer patients, those with diabetes and chronic respiratory or kidney diseases.  

Residential landlords are not required to produce or obtain a legionella test certificate, however they are liable for the health and safety of their tenants and protecting them from the risk posed by legionella. 

Are you a landlord? Contact ARA Environmental to arrange your LCA Accredited legionella risk assessment in Maidstone

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Peter Richards – Technical Director


Temperature regulation

Temperature regulation is the most common method of Legionella control but requires regular monitoring.


We provide a full set of remedial and support services to bring water systems up to current standards and then to maintain them in that condition. This includes:-

  • Tank removal, replacement, repair or re-lining;
  • Fitting of lids, breathers and screens;
  • Cleaning of calorifiers;
  • Re-plumbing to remove dead or stagnant pipework


Large or difficult to clean systems can be protected by additional biocide dosing. Ara Environmental Ltd install, commissioning and run approved dosing equipment.

E.g. Continuous chlorine dioxide dosing into the potable water supply.

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