Legionella Management Services and Legionella Risk Assessments Guildford

At ARA Environmental, we have been providing legionella management and legionella risk assessments to landlords, owners and businesses in Guildford for over 20 years. ARA Environmental undertake all aspects of water hygiene including comprehensive legionella management training and legionella risk assessments.

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How Often Should I Test For Legionella?

According to the Health and Safety Act (1974), all property owners, employers and managers are required to ensure a supply of ‘wholesome water’ and are responsible for monitoring and managing legionella outbreak risks. 

In order to minimise the risk of a legionella outbreak, the law stipulates that legionella risk assessments should be reviewed and new ones carried out every two years, or every time there is a significant change in your water system or supply. 

Legionella Risk Assessments in Guildford

Legionella control, based on a legionella risk assessment is the key element of the duties of ‘responsible person’ regarding clean and safe water and full compliance with HSE L8 regulations. As well as comprehensive legionella risk assessments,  ARA Environmental offer a complete package of preventative measures designed to ensure ongoing and continued compliance; these measures include:

    • Bacteria sampling & analysis at a UKAS laboratory  
    • Water system monitoring 
    • Pool monitoring 
    • Test equipment supply 
    • Infrastructure Refurbishment 

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